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Linux. It’s not just for nerds anymore…but it helps to be a nerd.

While I stated in my last post that I was trying out Arch Linux, I’m about to pull the trigger on a new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition that comes with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and I think I'l that. I may wipe the drive and install Gnome Ubuntu so all the Unity cruft isn’t on the system, but that’s it. The great thing about using the Developer Edition on the XPS is that you can install any flavor of Linux you want and it won’t void the warranty from Dell.

But beyond that, I have an old 2010 Mac Mini here. It only came with 4gigs of RAM, and when it was finally updated to Sierra, there was VERY little RAM left to do anything, with the system taking up so much. To run a Plex server was painful because it would run out of memory and start hitting the swap pretty hard. So I said, screw it and wiped everything and installed Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (Long Term Support). It now sits with all the...

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Delving back into linux…again…

Arch Linux
So, I’m pretty platform agnostic. I’ve used just about every OS under the sun at one time or another, from CP/M to DOS to Mac System 6 through Mac OSX (now just Mac OS), to OS/2 to AmigaDOS to Windows 3, 95, 98, NT, XP and now 10. I’ve been dabbling in Linux off and on since it first came out. Seriously, I had it up and running in like the first 8 months of it’s inception.

While I’ve enjoyed my return to Windows which I haven’t used since the early days of XP (having installed Windows 10 with a new computer build back in spring of 2015…having skipped over Windows Vista, 7 and 8), I’ve always felt more comfortable with a Unix or “Unix-like” OS. I just know where everything is, plus still know the commands to get around…even without a GUI (this is Unix! I know this!). I’ve played around with the various popular distributions of Linux, and the last time I dived head first into this OS...

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What Exactly Is a Photograph?

There has been a debate lately on “what constitutes a photograph” and “faking it”, meaning how much manipulation can you do to a picture before it transitions from a photo to something like a painting. We’re in a period where Photoshop and other programs can take a photo and pretty much do anything you want with it. You can start with a blank slate and build a picture from scratch (as any matte painting artist working in the film industry will tell you), or you can take an existing picture and massage it into something completely different.

I recently watched a Conan O’brien video where he had a long, one-on-one conversation with the musician Jack White. During the interview, Mr. White was commenting about how musicians today can use software such as Pro-Tools and massage a song into something that you can’t really get live. Such as if you can’t sing in tune, there’s always a way to...

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Apple’s Smartwatch


Other’s have had smartwatches, Samsung for instance. Others will have them before Apple. Being first obviously doesn’t matter, or else they’d be setting the world on fire. It’s getting it right that matters in the end.

From what I can see at this point in time, Apple is the one that can pull it all together with their entire eco-system in Yosemite and iOS 8 with Continuity and HomeKit/Healthkit etc. Google comes close to this for sure, but they don’t control an entire eco-system of hardware/software…by which I mean control everything. They have to rely (for now) on third-party partners who may or may not have other agendas (I’m looking at you, Samsung).

Will Apple get it right? Dunno. But I think they have the best shot. We’ll see what shakes out a year from now.

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My trip to the TWiT chatrooms

This is why we can't have nice things

I like tech. I’ve always liked computers and gadgets and technology in general. I like tech podcasts too. Podcasts are a major part of my life, as I have a long, three hour drive every morning, that I can listen to a wide variety of podcasts centered on my favorite subject. One of the largest networks in that genre is the TWiT network. I’ve been an admirer of Leo Laporte since he was “Dev Null” on MSNBC’s The Site back in the late ‘90’s, and then later on TechTV. I liked how Leo presented everything, was always friendly, never talked down to anyone, and got into some pretty cool things (such as building a Linux box on-air).

Leo now has a media empire with TWiT that he built basically from scratch in a small studio in Petaluma, California. There are several shows on his network I listen to every week. This Week in Tech, Macbreak Weekly, This Week in Google, Security Now and others...

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Holden Catch-Fire

Silly me. When I first heard of the new AMC show Halt and Catch Fire, it was on a podcast, and I heard it as “Holden Catch-Fire”. I pictured in my head a new show about a Native American who’s first name was inspired by the main character in The Catcher in the Rye.

Meh, I still think my idea could work….

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Don’t tell me what I can’t do!


If you like something, if you have a hobby, if you are trying something out in your life…there will always be someone waiting to tell you you’re doing it wrong.

Ever read a story about people learning the Klingon language? The forum following the story will be filled with people proclaiming how this is such a waste of time. “Why not go outside? Go do something constructive? You’re such a loser” will be scattered throughout the comments.

If you say you like a particular computer platform, people will come out of the woodwork to tell you how much it sucks, and how much better their system is. Don’t even start talking about operating systems, else you’ll get a lecture from all corners on how you’re totally wrong for using it.

Are you trying a new diet, and it’s working for you, and you feel really good about yourself? Don’t say this on the Internet. Just post that in a forum or...

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