Apple’s Smartwatch


Other’s have had smartwatches, Samsung for instance. Others will have them before Apple. Being first obviously doesn’t matter, or else they’d be setting the world on fire. It’s getting it right that matters in the end.

From what I can see at this point in time, Apple is the one that can pull it all together with their entire eco-system in Yosemite and iOS 8 with Continuity and HomeKit/Healthkit etc. Google comes close to this for sure, but they don’t control an entire eco-system of hardware/software…by which I mean control everything. They have to rely (for now) on third-party partners who may or may not have other agendas (I’m looking at you, Samsung).

Will Apple get it right? Dunno. But I think they have the best shot. We’ll see what shakes out a year from now.

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